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Jewish Education

Chabad of Fairmount offers the Jewish community quality and high-leveled educational opportunities. Wherever you are holding in your Jewish education we welcome you to come learn at one of our classes.

Please take a moment to browse through the many options of classes being offered, and find the one that best suits your educational needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. (Click here to contact us)

No membership is required; all are welcome regardless of background or affiliation.

We are sure that your mind and soul will be stimulated and enriched by the knowledge of our great heritage.


Rabbi Hirshi Sputz


Upcoming course:
Soul Maps - Navigating Your Inner World

Soul Maps, provides an innovative look at human psychology, using the insights and teachings of the Kabbalah. Soul Maps, based on the internationally published book of Tanya, is designed as a 6-session consultation with a master of Kabbalah and the human mind. One of the central themes in the course is the possibility of personal change. The course will help you understand why you have conflicting desires and emotions, and how you can determine what you really want. It will also provide you with the tools for overcoming any barriers to self-fulfillment, so that you can gain and maintain a sense of equilibrium.

Because Soul Maps is based on the tried and tested wisdom of the Kabbalah, it is much more than another self-help course. It will provide you with the perspective to understand who you are and what you can be, and will help you chart a life-course filled with purpose.