Mission Statement

Chabad is a Jewish movement with a bold vision and a simple philosophy. The vision is to bring Judaism to every single Jew on earth, no matter where they dwell. The philosophy is to be inclusive of all Jews, regardless of their background. With over 4,000 emissaries around the globe, Chabad is the largest Jewish outreach organization in the world today.


Chabad of Fairmount serves the Art Museum Area community with social, educational, recreational and religious programming. We give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage. Most importantly, Chabad is a place where being Jewish is fun and celebrated with joy. We look forward to personally greeting you at an upcoming event or class.


Rabbi Hirshi Sputz was raised in Brooklyn NY, where he was imbued with a sense of mission to share his love of Judaism. Rabbi Sputz studied in Yeshiva in New York, Israel and at the Rabbinical College of Australia.  He has volunteered to travel to teach and guide families in remote Jewish enclaves among them: Payson, Arizona; Ganja, Azerbaijan; Destin, Florida; Coffs Harbour, New South Wales; Magnitogorsk,Russia; Myrtle beach, South Carolina; Melbourne, Victoria.

He completed his studies in the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in NY and was ordained as Rabbi in 2012. Rabbi Sputz is the director of Chabad of Fairmount. Hirshi has acquired a reputation as a warm friend, great teacher and role model of leadership. He loves to hang out and discuss Jewish topics and issues with an emphasis on spirituality and Chassidic mysticism.


Shevy Sputz grew up in Monsey, NY. She was raised to love and cherish Judaism, to live and teach its principles throughout. Shevy is the co-director of Chabad of Fairmount. After completing her studies in NY, she pursued further studies and received her degree at the Beth Chana Teacher’s Seminary in Tzfat, Israel. Shevy put her expertise to action, by utilizing her education, Torah values, and talents to mentor young students of various ages and foster their Jewish awareness and pride. Shevy has recently completed an additional degree in liberal Arts from Excelsior College and has extended her specialized talent to work with young preschoolers. With her warmth and caring heart she has instilled in these children pride and confidence, so that they grow to reach their true potential.

In 2019, Shevy has exercised her entrepreneurial skills and spearheaded “Shevy’s Babka Paradise” where she offers gourmet kosher baked goods and Jewish comfort foods to the community. She also offers a variety of cooking and baking classes.

Shevy & Hirshi along with their four children feel privileged to have the opportunity to enhance Jewish pride and bring the joy of Judaism to the local Jewish community.